An Old Memory for Everyone to Experience

There was this game that I used to play with my friends as a kid. Every day we would go outside and try to sneak towards a person who would turn around randomly. Anyone who was caught moving would have to go back to the starting point, and the person who touched the looker would become the new looker. I thought it would be cool to make an online game based on this game and host it on a website so other people could play. I looked at a website design by Kiwiwebsites and made the decision to have them help me make the website.

I wrote all of the code for the game in JavaScript. I learned how to write in this language using a series of online tutorials. It was pretty easy for me to get the hang of it, and I was able to complete the game in just a couple of weeks. I spent more time working on the graphics and sounds for the game than actually programming it. Since the game was done, all that was needed was for the website to be built. The website company was able to make a website based on my specifications very quickly, and I gave them the files for the game to upload to the website.

I designed the game to accept up to 16 players at once. I figured that this would be enough people connected at once without slowing down the game and putting too much strain on the everyone’s Internet connection. The sessions for each game were set up using a peer to peer connection, eliminating the need to have a lot of expensive servers. The person with the best connection would host the game and everyone else would connect to it. If the host left, a new host would be selected.