Becoming an Effective Leader Takes Work

Business is a funny thing if not handled properly. One day, a company can be a household name, and the next day it can end up filing for bankruptcy. These things might seem like they happen overnight because of how people on the outside see it, but it is a very gradual process that is typically a result of poor management. That is why I wanted to look into top leadership development programs before I even began to consider who I wanted on my management teams. I have a fairly large company that has seven branches and a total of nearly 800 workers.

With that many personnel, and with the numbers growing quickly, I need to make sure that I have the right people in the management positions. I don’t just mean the top management positions either, because even the lowest level manager is in a leadership position that can make or break the motivation of workers. For me, there is a combination that I look at to determine if someone is qualified. It is a mix of education, experience, and determination. I don’t necessarily rule someone out who does not have a college degree just as someone doesn’t automatically get promoted because they have ten years of experience.

I want to know that the people I put in management positions have what it takes to be effective leaders. It is not just the bottom line for my company that is at stake, but the bottom line for the hundreds of people who work for me too. That is why I have every prospective manager take a leadership course that I have also taken, and if they are able to pass that with flying colors, then I know that they are going to be extremely effective in the new role that I have for them!