Best Place to Download Movies

I am having a girl over tonight and I am trying to think of the perfect night. I want to download a bunch f movies and I am going to hop on Piratebay and try to get that started, so that all of the movies are done downloading by the time she gets over here. I must admit that I am kind of nervous, because this is the first time I have had a girl over at my place in over a year. I want to make a good impression, and I do not really know what she is going to want to watch with me, so that is why I am going to just download a lot of movies and hope that I hit on one that she really enjoys.

I am not sure what good movies have came out recently either though, and so that is another big question. I guess I am going to search the box office results over the past year and try to find the names of some movies that were pretty big in the theatres. My problem is that I do not ever go to the theatres and so I do not really know what movies are out, which movies are doing good, or anything like that.

That is not to say that I don’t watch movies though, because I certainly do watch a lot of movies. But rather than watching them when they come out, I watch the ones that my friends suggest and that I hear are good from other people on the Internet. It is a pretty reliable system and I think that I watch most of the good movies out there. Of course, I have a pretty big selection of movies already downloaded, but I do not think that a lot of them would appeal to this girl.