Betting It All on the Brain

My son sometimes likes to make bets with the other kids, even though I often tell him not to do it. He once made a bet with a kid where he would beat him in a foot race for a pair of shoes. He won the race, but I made him give back the shoes. Most recently, he bet a kid that he would get a higher grade in physics, and put his favorite gaming console on the line. He thought physics would be easy, but it was harder than he expected, so I went to to get a tutor for him.

I told my son that since he made another bet after I told him not to, I would take his video game system away for two months. He’s going to have to learn to obey my rules or face the consequences. I spent a lot of money on that video game system, and for him to just bet it like it was nothing was so aggravating to me. I didn’t want to see him lose the system, and I didn’t want his grades to suffer in his physics class, so I hired the tutor.

Under the tutor, my son worked harder than he ever did before for a class. He made sure that every assignment, quiz, and test score that he got in the class was perfect. Because of this, he was not only able to beat the other student in the bet, but he also got the highest grade in the class. It’s a good thing that he won the bet, because if he didn’t, I was going to give him an even bigger punishment. During the two month period where he wasn’t allowed to use the video game system, he passed the time by learning more about physics.