Commercial Carpet Cleaning Turns a Golf Course Restaurant Around

I was hired as a manager for a restaurant in the clubhouse of a golf course. The dining area was filthy by my standards. It passed inspection by the health department, but it looked awful. If your carpet at home looked like the carpet in the dining room, you would be appalled. My boss said that there was no money for replacement, but I talked him into budgeting for some commercial carpet cleaning. He thought it would be a lost cause to even bother. The green carpeting was literally black from dirt in the high traffic areas. It looked like a race track where people walked, especially at the entrances.

I was holding out hope that the commercial carpet cleaning company we hired could at least lighten up the black areas and make the whole carpet look better. They ended up doing an excellent job. Much more appealing than what I thought possible. The color of the carpeting in the high traffic areas that was covered over by dirt actually came back. They used their concoctions of cleaners and brighteners to get rid of the stains and make the whole carpet look amazingly better.

Keep in mind that I thought this carpeting was ruined and just needed to be replaced. I was amazed at how clean they got this dirty old carpet in the dining room of our restaurant. It makes the whole dining area look much more appealing to new customers. We accept walk-in non-member guests for lunch and dinner now. The cleaning effort has even motivated the staff to start scrubbing up other things to make them beautiful again. Profits are up for the food sales, and my boss is a lot happier. My management days here might have started with a dirty carpet, but I have found that you can bring back new life into old things if you hire the right professionals to get the job done.