Monthly Archives: May 2016

Protecting an Old Gun from Taking Any More Field Abuse

I bought a used shotgun for hunting. It has seen some wear over the years, but it is still in great mechanical shape. I was going to refinish it with camo paint and use it for a bird gun. I decided that the wear and tear on the finish had its own history that should be preserved. I decided to get a camo rifle cover instead. They just slip on over the barrel and stock. You can take them off again when you come in out of the field. A camo kit also protects the gun. They are made of neoprene that protects against the weather, scrapes and bumps. Neoprene has an outer covering and a cushioned core. The outer cover I chose is in a camo pattern that is suitable for our area. We have lots of deciduous trees and a few pines.

That old shotgun has now made many trips to the field with me. Continue reading

Ingenuity Born out of Boredom

My friends and I were watching a STAAD training DVD one afternoon when the power went out. We were all at one of my friend’s home, and this house doesn’t have a generator, so there was no way to continue watching the DVD until the power came back on. We were waiting around for something to happen and then I came up with an idea. I told my friends to get some materials and let us start a project to complete before the power comes back on. My friends agreed and we started looking for the materials, using our phones as flashlights.

We found the materials and started putting them together to make a human powered generator. The generator takes the input of 5 people to produce just enough power to run a DVD player and a television. We hooked the generator up to the television and the DVD player and started moving our arms and legs like we were running a marathon. Continue reading

Built from the Ground Up

Making things with your own two hands is one of the greatest feelings. You can take a pile of materials that resemble nothing at all, and shape them into something functional. I always wanted to have my own office desk, but I wasn’t too fond of the ones that they have in the furniture stores. These desks always have weird designs and they aren’t always easy to put together. Sometimes they have pieces missing, make it impossible to finish the job. I bought a set of annular cutters, some wood, screws, and other materials to make my own desk with a bit of a twist.

The desk was a little different from the traditional desk that normally sits in an office. The desk has the ability to convert from a normal mode to a free standing mode, where the user can stand up and work if they want. People sit at their desks all day, and their bodies become tired. When you’re standing up, the blood in your body has can flow better, you feel less tired, and your legs get a little exercise. The height is adjustable so you can still type and write without having to hunch over.

There is also another mode that was added into the desk. While working at the desk, sometimes you just can’t avoid feeling sleep and may need to take a little nap. The desk can also convert into a bed where you can lay down and get a little rest. A nap every once in a while is good for workers so that they can become rejuvenated. Some companies even have a nap time built into their daily schedule. Those hours after lunch really make me sleepy, so I take 30 minutes to an hour to relax and let my body take a break.