Monthly Archives: September 2016

It Almost Fell on My Kids While They Were Playing!

We had a really big storm a few weeks ago, and it rocked the trees around our little house pretty bad. One of them looked a bit rough afterwards, but hubby assured me it would be okay and it was still pretty stable. He ended up being horribly wrong, but thankfully I was paying attention. The kids were playing on the trampoline and I saw the tree about to fall over so I yelled for them to get down. I called a tree service in Nassau County to come and remove the tree from our property.

While we were waiting for the tree guy to come the largest tree branch at the top of the tree came free and crashed onto the side of the trampoline. Luckily we have an enclosure on it and it bounced off of the mesh siding. I’m really glad my kids weren’t on that trampoline when it happened, and I’m really glad it didn’t ruin the trampoline in any way.

My kids love to play on their trampoline, by themselves, and with the neighbor children. They do flips and see how high they can jump. Continue reading

I Needed My Air Conditioning Fixed Fast!

Sometimes I think I have the worst luck in the world. Even though everything always seems to work out, it still stinks that things have to happen in the first place. For instance, my husband had to go on a business trip where he would be gone the entire week. On his second day away, I ended up having to find a company that does HVAC services in Manhattan, NY because our central air went out. Not only did it go out while my husband was not home to take care of it, but it also went out when we were having a major heatwave. See what I mean about bad luck?

Anyway, I knew that I had to take care of the air conditioning before we had to resort to staying in a hotel room just to be comfortable. The heat was just too brutal to even think of staying there without air. I went online and started looking at different companies that service the area that I am in. I thought that I would only have to sort through a handful of HVAC companies, but there were so many!

I decided to change the way I was looking. Continue reading

I Wanted a Good Moving Company

It is not easy to trust someone with things that you have worked the majority of your life for. It’s possible that I may be an exception though, because I really do have a hard time trusting people I don’t know. Unfortunately, I could not move everything on my own, so I knew that I would need to hire Singapore movers to help me with the bulkier and heavier items like my appliances and furniture. I wanted to hire only the very best because this was everything that I owned. I know that most movers are insured, but I would rather just have the things that I had prior to the move get to my new home undamaged.

I figured I might as well get it over with, so I went online and started looking at different moving companies. I looked only at the ones that are insured, because I knew that accidents happen. Continue reading

Moving to Australia Completes My Dreams

Australia is a beautiful country. I know this because I call it home, but I was not born here. The first time I came here was with my parents when I was just around seven years old. It left quite the impact on me even then though, and I knew that I wanted to return again. I got that second chance when I was 14 years old, and then again three more times before I was 20. I did a search after my eighth trip there on immigration Australia because I wanted to see how hard, or easy, it would be to move there for good. Continue reading

Making Decisions is Not Hard for Me to Do at All

I remember being so young when my mom’s magazine caught my attention. Even though I was just six years old, I could not wait until the mailman came each day because I wanted to see if she received any new magazines that I could look through so that I could look at all the different clothing. Now that I’m of college age, I’ve decided to go to design school in Singapore to get a degree in what I love doing best. I count myself as very lucky to know so early on in life what I want to do career-wise.

Both of my parents said that they struggled early on with what they wanted to do for the rest of their lives with work. Our culture finds it very important to work hard and make decisions early when it comes to what you will be doing for the rest of your life. Both of them told me that they felt pressured to choose something, even though they did not know what they wanted to choose. Continue reading