Monthly Archives: October 2016

Getting Lyrics to Songs is Cool

When my friend first told me about the Tubidy Mp3 download site, I thought that it was going to be like other free Mp3 sites I have seen before. I love music, so it is not abnormal for me to look for music where ever I can. However, to find a really good Mp3 site takes a bit of luck because while there are some really good ones online, there are many more that are not. I decided to look at the site that he told me about though, and I am so glad that not only did he tell me but that I also decided to look. Continue reading

Use Rubber Underlayment for Floor Soundproofing

When installing a floating or laminate floor over concrete, a good rubber underlayment is very helpful to stop noise. This underlayment can be used with different types of floors. If you are renovating a multistory structure, especially an apartment complex, you want this underlayment installed to stop tenant complaints of footsteps being heard in the apartments above. This will dampen the sounds of pets, noisy kids and even vacuum cleaners, TVs and fish tank pumps. It goes down below the finished flooring layer.

Soundproofing is not done using lightweight foam. It is done using mass. The weight of rubber dampens sound. Foam underlayments can help prevent squeaking of the flooring against the subfloor, but rubber underlayment helps stop the noise of impacts, footfalls and everything else. Continue reading

I Was Pretty Surprised by the Nice Turn That My Life Had Made

It was Halloween night when the power in my home went out. My husband was no longer alive and I was in our big home that we have lived in together for two decades together, and that still didn’t stop my fears when all the lights went out. People were knocking on my door because they were out trick or treating, and it made me nervous in the dark. I called an electrician in Passaic County NJ to come help the very next day. I did not want to go through another night alone in the house with not being able to see. Continue reading