Monthly Archives: August 2018

The Best Battery Charger for Me

I knew it was finally time to buy a battery charger not that long ago. I was just getting too many power tools added to my collection, and it would definitely come in handy. The only problem was that I had never purchased one before. I knew that I needed an 18v charger, but that was it. I am a firm believer that with any product, there are good brands and bad ones. That is the main reason I wanted to find a site that had an 18v battery charger review for different brands. I read so many good things about the Ryobi battery charger, and I knew that was the one I was going to get for a number of reasons.

Even something as simple as the color was important to me. I did not want anything that was a solid black color. Continue reading

I Learned to Be a Professional Tax Preparer

I had some friends ask me to help them do their taxes after they found out I had been doing my own taxes since I was a teenager. I stay up on the latest tax code changes. That kind of stuff was not hard for me. I would do taxes manually using forms and brochures. I never got questioned or had an audit. When more friends asked for help, I bought tax software for professionals tax preparers and took some classes. I started my own tax preparation business.

My first clients were just individuals and married couples as I spent a couple of months brushing up on business and corporate tax law. Continue reading

Socks for the Entire Family

My grandmother decided to give everyone socks for their birthday this year. She has some kind of thing about cold feet, and didn’t want us to have that, so she found a website where she could make personalized pet socks using a picture of her dog. My birthday was just a few weeks ago, so I got them in the mail around that time. When I took a good look at them, they looked kind of funny, but they were also cute. I tried the socks on, and they were a perfect fit. My grandmother has a way with knowing our sizes.

I called my grandmother thank her for the socks and she was glad that I liked them. I wanted to get something for her to show my appreciation, but I didn’t have a dog of my own to use for socks. Then I had a good idea. Continue reading