Monthly Archives: February 2019

You Can Make an Appointment

Someone told me that I could actually go and make an appointment with the condos that were available for sale. I wanted to go and look at three condos that were for sale, but they all had open houses on different days and I was really trying to find time to go while they were open and I could not make it. A friend told me to get a real estate agent and go and look at the condos with the agent by appointment. I called to look at the one at parc esta condo complex and I wanted to see it with one of my friends so we called the person that was the listing agent and told her that we wanted to go and look at it and she told me that was going to be fine and I was glad that she was going to help me.

My friend and I got there and it was one of the nicest ones that I had seen, even online. I had been looking for a long time because my current lease was going to be up and I was going to have to either let them know that I was moving or I had to sign on the dotted line so that I could stay longer. I was really nervous to go and look at the other two because they were really were going to have to be something really nice in order for me to forget about the first one and I was right. The second one was really not so clean and I could not ever imagine living there and the third one was worse. I found someone to help me navigate and make an offer and now it is my new condo, I am so happy.