Monthly Archives: July 2019

I Got a Promotion and Something I Did Not Want

I was really more than a little pleased when the supervisor called me up to his office, because I knew at once that I was going to get promoted. It started about three weeks ago when one of the real big wigs started acting crazy. He had been cheating on his wife, but when she caught him and kicked him to the curb the guy could not take it. At any rate I really found out how much sleep matters when I ended up on third shift. I got promoted, but they took a guy off of third shift to have the job I was expecting to get out of this. That guy was really happy. He had apparently never made any bones about not liking third shift and if I had known they were going to put me on it, then I might have tried to find a different job.

In fact the money I am making is pretty good. I got a fifteen percent pay raise along with the promotion and it is really a pretty good job because all the people I am supervising are good at their jobs and eager to do them. Continue reading

Sales Are on the Rise

Business at my car dealership has really picked up, and I’m pretty sure it’s because of the espresso machine that I purchased. I saw the espresso machine on Cuppabean and knew that I have to have it. People often come to the dealership and think about buying a car. It’s my job, along with the other salesmen at the dealership to persuade people into a final sale. While the potential customers are deciding on whether they actually want to buy a car, I want them to be as relaxed as possible. I feel that the espresso machine puts the customers in a good mood and aids in getting a sale out of someone who would have left the dealership without making a final decision.

When a potential customer comes in, they will often want to have a test drive of a car before making a decision about it. I offer the customer an espresso at this point, and if they decline, I ask them again later. Usually they say yes before the drive, but the few that say no will get one after. A lot of thoughts can go through a person’s mind when they’re deciding on a car purchase. They compare one car to another car, they wonder if they can get a lower price on a car by haggling with the dealer, and they even wonder if they even need a car in the first place. The espresso helps to calm their mind and focus on a definitive decision.

We’ve offered beverages in the car dealership before, such as water and soda, but the customers haven’t responded to those in the same way that they responded to the espresso machine. I wonder what else we can add that will help us get more sales. There’s always the occasional customer who only drinks tea, and a nicely brewed cup would probably win them over.