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I Just Did Something Rather Strange

In fact I think that everyone knows that I used to model a little. When I was in school I was really fit, I lifted weights, played basketball and football. I am still in good shape, but back then I never did any modeling with a shirt on. That was my niche, I was the guy who looked good bare chested. At any rate I met a lot of guys and one of those guys is now in corporate video production. So when I ran into him he asked me if I was still working in modeling. Of course I am a mid level drone at an insurance company, but if he had something I might well take it so long as it did not interfere with my job. He sent me to see this woman to start out and she fitted me with a suit. Continue reading

Know How to Start Your App

Being considered a mobile app developer is something that takes really hard work and a dedication to the job at hand. Unique designs, creating something that stands out, and really capturing what a company wants can be really difficult without a plan. There are a few things that you can do to help app development along.

First of all, what is the idea? Are you looking to make a business app for your company or making a gaming app? Knowing what kind of app you are going for will help you narrow down a developer who is specialized in what you are looking to create. You wouldn’t want a gaming app created by a social media app developer.

Now that you know what type of app you want, what is going to make it different? Is there an element to the app that is going to make is stand out against all the other apps in the same category? Basic apps are great, but when you want your apps to be noticed among the others, you have to add something special that no other app has. This can be anything from an added feature to improving on a already added feature. Being able to included special features and bonus features is always something that app users are looking for!

The layout is also important. Continue reading