Monthly Archives: July 2021

Cutting Down a Tree Instead of Trimming

Some trees in my yard were growing a little out of hand. They were getting too tall and too big for even me to deal with with trimming or having to find someone who would trim them. It was also getting costly to continue the upkeep with those trees, so I decided to see if there was a way to have them removed. A friend of my told me about a company that was in Hendersonville tree removal services and had removed a few of her trees quick and easily. So I called them the first chance that I got!

When they came to my home, I explained to them what I wanted and to see if there was an easy way to take care of that. I really wanted all their options before making a choice on having it totally removed or not. I was told that they could trim it all the way back so only new growth would show, but in 10 or so years, I would be having the same issues that I was before. I could also have it removed, they would take the wood off for me and it would be the easiest and more logical for me and my situation. I did go with the full removal.

Cutting it down was a breeze for them and took no time at all from them to go from a 50 ft tree down to a 2 ft stump in the ground. When they got to that point, the rechecked with me to see if I wanted to have the stump removed or would I like to keep it there. I was told that if I kept it there, I was running the risk of insects taking it over. In the long run, it was the best option to also have the stump removed so I did that as well. Not too long after that, they were complete with their task and hauling the wood off. I couldn’t believe how easy that was and they made it look simple!