Delivering Flowers to the Customers

I started a business of selling flowers from a shop in Jakarta. A lot of people come to the shop each day to get my flowers, but I figured I could be making a lot more money by bringing flowers directly to people who can’t make it to the shop. The problem with that idea was that I didn’t have a vehicle to make the deliveries. I almost scrapped my idea, but then something happened. That’s when I came up with a plan for using sewa mobil pick up in Jakarta to have the flowers delivered.

I worked out a schedule of when I would start taking orders and when they would be delivered. I could only deliver as long as the shop was open. I didn’t want to have to deal with after hours deliveries or trying to make deliveries in a hurry for people who needed them at the last minute. Last minute deliveries are always tough to make, and if the customer can’t get their delivery on time, they will complain and demand a complete refund, which would be bad for my sales. It’s best to just do everything with a clear time frame in mind, and both the customer and I will be happy.

On the first day that I started having the flowers delivered, a truck showed up to my shop and took a batch of flowers. The truck drove to each of the intended locations that I gave the driver and each delivery was made right on time. The customers would call my shop and tell me that the order arrived and how much they loved them. A lot more people heard that I was delivering flowers now and started to place orders with me for their events, which was a big hit for my shop.