DWI Lawyer Leads to Help when Needed Most

An old high school friend and I had recently reconnected on social media and agreed to meet at a bar in our home town for a few drinks and discussion of the good old days. I was shocked to how much Susan had changed and was instantly thinking a bar was the last place Susan should be. She told me not to worry as she had a dwi lawyer in Saratoga NY on speed dial, but was going to be careful because her next offense would mean the loss of her driver’s license.

It seemed the inspirational messages and happy face Susan had portrayed on her social media pages were all just a facade. She had been in an unhappy marriage for many years and with her kids all grown and out of the house, she had turned to drinking. I was happy she felt comfortable enough to confide in me, but terribly sad at hearing how her days were spent. She said it started with just a glass of wine with dinner, but her husband often worked long hours and that one glass of wine soon turned into two, three or more. Then the wine drinking would start a little earlier and earlier each day until she was consuming two to three bottles of wine daily.

I knew my old friend was in trouble and insisted on driving her home. While I knew I couldn’t do anything to help her marriage, I was determined to get her some help with her alcoholism. My friend was in tears by the time we arrived at her house and I was on the phone calling the local social services department. At first my friend was angry that I had intruded, but then broke down and admitted that she had hoped I would help and was ready for this change in her life.

Several months have passed since our meeting and my friend is making great strides in her recovery. She has also told me that as a result, her marriage has improved as well and I couldn’t be happier for her.