From Tone Body to Muscle Man

I always found it hard to build muscle. I would occasionally lift weights and use weight machines the gym, but all it really did was make me tone. I tried some workout programs, but they were mostly packed with cardio workouts and aimed more at people who were looking to lose weight. I wasn’t fat or needed to shed pounds. In fact, I was particularly thin. I just wanted to add muscle to my frame. It wasn’t until I started doing the Body Beast schedule that I was able to get the results that I wanted for so long.

The schedule was a lot of hard work, but that was expected. The old saying goes “no pain, no gain”, and if you want the most gains, you really need to endure the pain that comes with it. The exercises on the schedule really pushed my body to its limit. I became sore, and some days I wanted to quit, but I wouldn’t let myself do it. I had to keep going to get to the end and see what I could accomplish. As time went on, I became stronger and was able to lift more weight and do more reps.

My body went from just a simple toned body to a muscular physique like that of a bodybuilder or Hollywood action movie star. I could look in the mirror and give myself a noticeable muscle flex, especially in the pectoral region. Since I gained muscle mass, my clothes didn’t fit the same way as before. My shirts were much too tight and I almost ripped one while trying to put it on. I had to go up a size and get some new pants to go with it. All things considered, given the results of the schedule, it was an acceptable trade of.