How Do You Stop This Sort of Thing?

I learned about this from a girl that I go to school with. Apparently she overheard her parents talking about it and realized that they had installed something on her phone called kik spy. This is a lot more common than you would think. Obviously a lot of parents are really keen to make sure their kids are not doing stuff that they should not do. In this case the girl has a boyfriend and the father hates this guy. Frankly I do not blame him all that much, but that is not really germane to this topic. I did some research and I realized very rapidly that this sort of thing is really rampant in our society. It is not just Kik, there are programs which let you spy on all of the similar apps used for chat and other forms of communication. It really seems as though the laws are a good bit behind the technology, as you would suspect when you think about it. None of these things existed a few years ago and the people who make the laws have to worry about all sorts of other things real and imagined.

At any rate my question is how to stop this sort of intrusion. In fact this girl probably has no option, beyond growing up, getting a job and buying her own phone. Since the phone she uses is owned by her parents, they seem to have the right to basically do as they like with it. It is after all their property and if they want to spy on their kids, the law probably is going to perfectly fine with that. However for a lot of other people this sort of intrusion could jeopardize their livelihood and their safety. A lot of people have enemies in this world.