I Am a Female Who Works Hard to Make My Business Work

We had some terrible weather that lasted several weeks in our area. Then, one night, there was a horrific storm that caused damage to a lot of properties. I own quite a few rental units, and I was unable to handle all the cleanup afterward, so I had to get some help with home cleaning services in Singapore so that I could try to stay in control. When I tried to tackle everything without any help, it was easy to see that I was going to get further behind if I tried to go it alone. I can be very stubborn, but I’m not stupid. Simple math showed me that it would be less costly to hire someone to help, but even more costly if I remained stubborn enough to continue to try to do it on my own.

Most women I know personally do not have the luxury of owning rental properties. I own 5 of them, and I have them thanks to my parent’s money that I inherited. I had always been a good worker, but had never really saved money on my own. So, it was a big deal to me to suddenly have such a large amount of money all at once. I ended up going to a financial counselor to ask him what I should do. I didn’t know if I should invest it all, spend some of it on starting a business, or whether there was anything else I could do to try to grow the money.

The advice I received was to start a business and invest some of the money that I inherited, too. I got help with the investing since I know very little about it. My parents had a business that they both ran together, so I did have an idea of how to run one on my own. I chose to buy properties, and then I began renting them out. It’s a business that has helped to make things a lot easier for me when it comes to my finances. I take risks, but I also make sure that they are calculated risks.