I Got a Promotion and Something I Did Not Want

I was really more than a little pleased when the supervisor called me up to his office, because I knew at once that I was going to get promoted. It started about three weeks ago when one of the real big wigs started acting crazy. He had been cheating on his wife, but when she caught him and kicked him to the curb the guy could not take it. At any rate I really found out how much sleep matters when I ended up on third shift. I got promoted, but they took a guy off of third shift to have the job I was expecting to get out of this. That guy was really happy. He had apparently never made any bones about not liking third shift and if I had known they were going to put me on it, then I might have tried to find a different job.

In fact the money I am making is pretty good. I got a fifteen percent pay raise along with the promotion and it is really a pretty good job because all the people I am supervising are good at their jobs and eager to do them. Like me none of them seem to be happy with working from 11 PM until 7 AM, but they do it and if they want to complain they go to someone who could possibly do something about it. The truth is that we do not really do production some nights. Some nights we stop everything to do maintenance and clean up the machinery. That is not bad at all, since it is a break from doing the same routine and when you turn off the machines then you can hear yourself think for once. I have been having real trouble getting the type of sleep I need though.