I Just Did Something Rather Strange

In fact I think that everyone knows that I used to model a little. When I was in school I was really fit, I lifted weights, played basketball and football. I am still in good shape, but back then I never did any modeling with a shirt on. That was my niche, I was the guy who looked good bare chested. At any rate I met a lot of guys and one of those guys is now in corporate video production. So when I ran into him he asked me if I was still working in modeling. Of course I am a mid level drone at an insurance company, but if he had something I might well take it so long as it did not interfere with my job. He sent me to see this woman to start out and she fitted me with a suit. It was a really nice suit and I was wondering if I would get to keep it when we were done, of course the answer is not a chance in Hades.

The job is pretty similar to the spokesmodels you see at auto shows, except I do it on video for a car dealership. I wondered why they had not gotten one of the sales people to do it, this is really similar to what they do for a living. However my pal said that they were all incredibly obnoxious and were ‘showing off’ rather than doing the job. In this case the car is the star, or the cars. They had me talk about around fifty or so cars. I would just stand there and read the cue cards, trying to be both calm and excited at the same time. That is just as hard as it sounds like it would be if you did not know.