I Was Pretty Surprised by the Nice Turn That My Life Had Made

It was Halloween night when the power in my home went out. My husband was no longer alive and I was in our big home that we have lived in together for two decades together, and that still didn’t stop my fears when all the lights went out. People were knocking on my door because they were out trick or treating, and it made me nervous in the dark. I called an electrician in Passaic County NJ to come help the very next day. I did not want to go through another night alone in the house with not being able to see. That is too scary for a little old lady like me who lives alone!

The man who came out the next day to work on the problem at my place is a wonderful man. I was relieved to see that he was near my age. He said that he had been working for the company for about 25 years and would soon retire. I trusted him and the expertise that he has. He was able to pinpoint the problem rather quickly, and within about two hours, he had everything up and running again. We talked for a bit, and we learned that we had so much in common. The conversation was comfortable, and I found myself wishing that he were a friend or a neighbor. He had to leave to get back to work after that.

About one week after the man who fixed my power had been at my place, I heard a knock at my door. I peeped through the curtain on the little window on the door and saw my electrician! I happily opened the door thinking that maybe he had left something behind. It turned out that he came over to ask me for a date. I immediately said yes, and the rest is history. I never thought I would get married again, but we have now set the date for next fall.