I’m Still Wary Working Up on High Roofs

I work maintenance for a big building. There are about 50 of us who work round the clock inside this building. We have guys that do most of the work outside and on the roof, and I was not one of those guys. It is a flat roof, and it is windy up there. I was only up there once to call a guy down whose radio was not working. I prefer being inside. Then I was tasked to fix an air handling unit up on the roof, and I had to learn the wind resistant demarcation path instructions and everything.

Up on the roof there are walkways that are laid down over the roof surface. They have upright posts with heavy square rubber bases that support chains. You do not step off of the demarcation paths, or go beyond the chains. The structural engineers picked exactly where those paths are laid down as they are safe areas to walk on the roof. There is a narrow path around the air handler, and it was tough to work on the unit without stepping backward. The chains reminded me to not step off the square grids on the roof that mark the path precisely. The other guys said it was not a big deal to step off the path a couple of inches, but I was not taking any chances. For me, rules are rules when I am working on a roof where the wind is whipping like a mini hurricane.

I don’t like heights, and I don’t like high winds. It feels cold up there even on a warm day when the wind is going good. I can’t imagine those guys that clean windows. They hang off the side of the building like it is no big deal. Well, it would be a big deal to me!