Ingenuity Born out of Boredom

My friends and I were watching a STAAD training DVD one afternoon when the power went out. We were all at one of my friend’s home, and this house doesn’t have a generator, so there was no way to continue watching the DVD until the power came back on. We were waiting around for something to happen and then I came up with an idea. I told my friends to get some materials and let us start a project to complete before the power comes back on. My friends agreed and we started looking for the materials, using our phones as flashlights.

We found the materials and started putting them together to make a human powered generator. The generator takes the input of 5 people to produce just enough power to run a DVD player and a television. We hooked the generator up to the television and the DVD player and started moving our arms and legs like we were running a marathon. The devices turned back on, and we all cheered, but we soon became tired and had to stop. It was a cool idea, but given that we were watching a DVD that was 2 hours long, we wouldn’t have been able to keep on powering the generator.

The power eventually came back on and we put the materials back where we found them. We continued to watch the DVD, and when it was over, we went out to grab some pizza. I usually don’t come up with ideas like the generator on a regular basis. I guess when you’re bored enough, you can come up with anything. I could probably perfect my generator idea by adding a few solar power cells from some old calculators to give it an alternate source of power that would take the load off the human inputs.