It Almost Fell on My Kids While They Were Playing!

We had a really big storm a few weeks ago, and it rocked the trees around our little house pretty bad. One of them looked a bit rough afterwards, but hubby assured me it would be okay and it was still pretty stable. He ended up being horribly wrong, but thankfully I was paying attention. The kids were playing on the trampoline and I saw the tree about to fall over so I yelled for them to get down. I called a tree service in Nassau County to come and remove the tree from our property.

While we were waiting for the tree guy to come the largest tree branch at the top of the tree came free and crashed onto the side of the trampoline. Luckily we have an enclosure on it and it bounced off of the mesh siding. I’m really glad my kids weren’t on that trampoline when it happened, and I’m really glad it didn’t ruin the trampoline in any way.

My kids love to play on their trampoline, by themselves, and with the neighbor children. They do flips and see how high they can jump. We even hook up the sprinkler close to the trampoline so they can jump and play in the water at the same time. We’re innovative over here in this little town in Nassau County.

Thanks to the tree service I called everything was cleaned up quickly. They even checked the other trees in our yard to make sure none of them would be coming down any soon on their own. They ended up having to take down one other one that was on the side of the house. It would have taken out my bathroom window and we would have had a whole other issue on our hands. I’m grateful they were so quick to come and help us with this, and how pleasant they were to work with.