Protecting an Old Gun from Taking Any More Field Abuse

I bought a used shotgun for hunting. It has seen some wear over the years, but it is still in great mechanical shape. I was going to refinish it with camo paint and use it for a bird gun. I decided that the wear and tear on the finish had its own history that should be preserved. I decided to get a camo rifle cover instead. They just slip on over the barrel and stock. You can take them off again when you come in out of the field. A camo kit also protects the gun. They are made of neoprene that protects against the weather, scrapes and bumps. Neoprene has an outer covering and a cushioned core. The outer cover I chose is in a camo pattern that is suitable for our area. We have lots of deciduous trees and a few pines.

That old shotgun has now made many trips to the field with me. I have hidden in duck and goose blinds to take game birds on cold frosty mornings and in the heat of summer. I am using the same camo rifle cover I bought when I first acquired this gun and decided not to paint it with camo paint. The old shotgun has all of its marks from being used over the years in the field, and the cover I put on it protects it from getting any more. The cover is helping to preserve it from taking any more of a beating than it already has. I use them on all my guns no matter what condition they are in. I will typically buy one before I even decide on picking up a new rifle or shotgun. There are ones made for all kinds of different models. I get scope covers when I have optics mounted too.