Socks for the Entire Family

My grandmother decided to give everyone socks for their birthday this year. She has some kind of thing about cold feet, and didn’t want us to have that, so she found a website where she could make personalized pet socks using a picture of her dog. My birthday was just a few weeks ago, so I got them in the mail around that time. When I took a good look at them, they looked kind of funny, but they were also cute. I tried the socks on, and they were a perfect fit. My grandmother has a way with knowing our sizes.

I called my grandmother thank her for the socks and she was glad that I liked them. I wanted to get something for her to show my appreciation, but I didn’t have a dog of my own to use for socks. Then I had a good idea. There was a local show that had a dog on it that my grandmother loved to see. I called up the station that airs that show and asked them if I could take a picture of the dog to use for socks. They told me I could come down to the station and get the picture.

The dog was pretty cooperative about having his picture taken. I guess when you work on television as long as that dog has, you get used to being in front of cameras and seeing people aim them at you. I went to the website that my grandmother used and gave it the picture of the dog from the show. They made it into socks and I shipped them out to my grandmother. When she got the package in the mail, she called me to tell me how much she loved the new pair of socks.