Tesla Cars Are Smart to Use Aluminum

Dad bought a Tesla and while we were doing research on the car we saw something about extrusion of aluminum. Aluminum, as well know, is an extremely lightweight metal used in a wide range of goods and manufacturing materials. You use it to wrap food. I knew they used it in cars because I’ve had vehicles with parts made from aluminum, but I didn’t realize Tesla was really using the stuff. It makes sense considering you’re trying to make a car that doesn’t run on fossil fuels. Electricity can only move so much weight and it doesn’t do nearly as well as gasoline.

When he got the car we went out to take a look at it and it’s amazing how much of it is made out of extruded aluminum. It’s amazing technology has advanced enough where you can use it in so many ways in a vehicle. I was a bit worried about a car crash and whether aluminum is durable enough to withstand a severe impact. You wouldn’t want to get hit by a truck while driving in a car I called an aluminum foil shaped vehicle, but it seems durable enough.

What will really be interesting is if they can eventually make all the metal pieces out of aluminum. I’m not sure that is possible, at least not without trying to make some type of alloy that would provide more strength, but if that happens it’s likely far into the future. In the meantime I like ribbing Dad about his aluminum vehicle. Privately, I’m pretty envious he has a car this cool. It’s amazing what they’re doing these days and looking at the Tesla it’s like you are looking at a vehicle someone drove here from the future. I can only hope he gives it to me after he’s done driving it!