The Best Battery Charger for Me

I knew it was finally time to buy a battery charger not that long ago. I was just getting too many power tools added to my collection, and it would definitely come in handy. The only problem was that I had never purchased one before. I knew that I needed an 18v charger, but that was it. I am a firm believer that with any product, there are good brands and bad ones. That is the main reason I wanted to find a site that had an 18v battery charger review for different brands. I read so many good things about the Ryobi battery charger, and I knew that was the one I was going to get for a number of reasons.

Even something as simple as the color was important to me. I did not want anything that was a solid black color. I have seen too many like this, and they are too easy to lose if you are mobile with it. I wanted something that would stand out, and the lime green battery charger definitely does that. It makes it so it is extremely difficult to leave behind because it sticks out so much!

I also like that there is a gauge that lets me know if the battery still has a long way to go to being charged or if it will ready in minutes. There are not a lot of battery chargers that will show this information, and it is a feature that I rely on a good bit now that I own this Ryobi charger. I also like that I can mount it on the wall. I do take it with me to job sites, but I also have another one that I have mounted on my wall in my garage. This is so handy! I was impressed when I read about the charger features, and I am even more impressed now that I know it delivers on every promise!