The Place I Live in Now is Better Than Anywhere else That I Have Ever Lived

I had needed to find a new place for awhile, but I had been putting it off. I was super busy at work, and I really was not that interested in finding yet another drab rental to live in. I was not quite ready to buy my own house yet, though. So, house hunting as out of the question. Besides, I wanted to wait and look for a home at some point in the future with my future husband. One night after work, I accidentally made a wrong turn into The Marq Highland Park for a moment. At first, I thought that maybe I had entered a little shopping area for businesses because of the name. But then I looked around a little more closely and noticed that it was an apartment complex made to look like a neighborhood. That got my attention really fast, and now I live there full time.

When I realize that I had actually made a wrong turn into an apartment community, I parked my car and decided to look around. There were even some shops and a coffee shop located on the premises. I walked around surveying everything a little bit more, and then I found the leasing office. I marched right in and asked if anyone was available to show me an available unit. The manager was happy to show me each one they had a available, and I liked everyone of them. Some of them even came furnished, and the entire property was pure luxury.

I was hoping that my credit would be good enough to apply and actually live in such a nice place. I was on pins and needles waiting to hear if my application would be approved. They actually called me back that same day and told me that I was approved for move in.