Using a Hack to Get Ahead in Forge of Empires

My 12-year-old son has discovered the game Forge of Empires and seems to play it during a lot of his free time. He plays the game on his phone and absolutely loves it. I overheard him talking to his sister one day and was complaining about how long it takes him to get diamonds, coins and other tools in the game. She told him that she heard about a hack for Forge of Empires that will allow him to instantly generate the diamonds, coins and supplies needed in the game. He got so excited and started searching the internet for the hack.

I myself don’t play this game and had no idea what they were talking about but it must be something helpful because of the excitement he displayed. At dinner that night I brought up what I overheard the children talking about. It was kind of funny because they looked at each other with a look of alarm on their faces and then looked at me to see what kind of expression I had on my face. They thought they were in trouble but I honestly don’t see anything wrong with letting my son use a hack for a game that he plays by himself.

The only thing I was concerned about was to make sure it was safe to use and would not put a virus on his phone. My husband is very savvy with computers and offered to take a look at the hack to make sure it was safe and would not harm my son’s phone in any way. Both kids now had a look of relief on their faces. Funny indeed. Their dad said the three of them could check it out after dinner was finished and all of the dishes were washed. That’s one way to get the kitchen cleaned up.